A Sweet Look at Bitterman Family Confections

For nearly 77 years, the Bitterman Family has been practicing their sweet business. It all started in 1936, when Bernard Bitterman had a small penny peanut route on the streetcars of Kansas City. Not long after, Bitterman & Son’s grew into a staple of KC business. The current owner, Alan Bitterman, started full time with the company in 1956. His wife Marilyn, soon joined Alan, operating candy store in Kansas City’s downtown district. The two worked diligently at their business and had two children – Stuart and Leslie. Both have chosen the path of their parents and continue to honor the family name with their efforts at the renamed “Bitterman Family Confections.” Through the years we’ve had a total of three candy stores and a successful wholesale business. Our third store, Bitterman’s Eye Candy, opened in late September of 2012. We are located at 31st and Gillham Road in Kansas City, Missouri. In this new adventure, we have recreated the feel of an old-fashioned candy shop, surrounded by space for antiques and vintage goods. This is the first time Bitterman’s has combined candy with anything but more candy! Vintage has become a huge aspect of our business, not just the store. Our independent vendors offer a wide variety – something for everyone! Bitterman’s Eye Candy is an exciting addition to everything we do here, so we hope to see you stop by soon! Alan and Marilyn Bitterman

This blog is a lifestyle blog showcasing things that relate to what we do at Eye Candy. We hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as we love creating it.

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