Sweet of the Week: Gummi Bears


Happy New Year everyone! What better way to celebrate than with a new drink? This week’s sweet of the week is an adult take on a childhood classic. Growing up if your favorite bear wasn’t the white mystery flavor than you weren’t living. The Bitterman Tropical Polar Bear is a martini that envelops the white gummi bear flavor. An extra spin to the recipe, add gummi bears pre-soaked in your favorite vodka.  Below are both recipes, hope you and your party enjoy these sweet treats!


Bitterman Tropical Polar Bear

1/2 oz. Raspberry Vodka

1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps

1 oz.  fresh lemon or sweet and sour mix

1 oz. Sprite

1 scoop of ice

Shake all ingredients but Sprite in a cocktail shaker.  Pour into a martini glass, then add the oz. of Sprite.


Vodka Infused Gummi Bears (For our recipe only the white and green bears are used.)

Place gummi bears in a glass bowl.

Pour favorite vodka (raspberry for ours) in the bowl to the point the bears are drowning.

Let bears soak for three days in the fridge or merely a five hours on the counter top  They should only be squishy not liquefied.  They will be ready to serve.

A special touch we added was the combination of both elements. We threw a few extra gummi’s in the drink. Our second thought was a gummi bear skewer like they do with the olives.  The gummi bears will be soft. It was easiest to poke a hole through them with a fork before attaching them to the cocktail straw.  Finally for a decorative touch place the extra infused bears into mini cupcake liners to place near cocktails. Enjoy responsibly and bring the new year in in-style!



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