Our Top 5 Baseball Candy Picks For Making Your Baseball Game Experience A Home Run!

We can agree on one thing here at Bitterman Candy: we’re all baseball fans. Ask us to agree on a specific baseball team? No can do. We do all love to munch on snacks and Baseball Candy while watching our favorite teams win (and okay, sometimes lose), so we know a thing or two on what makes great baseball candy. Read on for our top 5 baseball candy picks!

Bitterman Family ConfectionsSunflower Seeds – The salted flavor of sunflower seeds just makes our mouth water, and hey, it beats eating a bag of chips, right? We just love to pick up a handful of sunflower seeds, toss them in our mouth, and enjoy the great taste and crunch away.

Beef Jerky – Beef jerky is a baseball candy staple. The delicious meaty taste whets our appetite, and although we’ll probably eat a whole can by ourselves, this comes with a container of 36 cans, perfect for sharing!

Combos – There’s nothing like a hard pretzel with a delicious filling, making Combos another of our baseball candy favorites! Plus, you can choose from 6 different flavors, and indulge in a bit of variety while you watch the game.

Roasted Peanuts – Peanuts have been a baseball game favorite since the game first started! Roasted Peanuts are a new take on the old favorite, making it quite hard for us to resist eating the entire bag.

Big League Chew Bubble Gum – After all that noshing, you’re going to need some bubble gum to freshen that breath! Our Big League Chew baseball candy comes in three delightful flavors: Original, Grape, and Sour Apple. Enjoy!

Watching a baseball game is so much more fun when snacking on some baseball candy. After all, isn’t a big part of the game enjoying the experience of being there, whether it’s on your couch with family and friends, or actually at the stadium? Enhance it with low price Baseball Candy from Bitterman Confections by visiting us at: http://www.bittermancandy.com OR Call us at: 816-531-3107

What is your favorite candy for a baseball game?  Let us know and we will send you a 15% OFF COUPON.


2 thoughts on “Our Top 5 Baseball Candy Picks For Making Your Baseball Game Experience A Home Run!

  1. I am a traditionalist!! I love Cracker Jack the most but I get real salt cravings then I really love a warn pretzel w/salt straight from the concession stand!!

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