Gumball Flower Bouquets

Here is a great activity and way to celebrate birthdays, events and milestones by using 1″ Gum Balls.  Very easy to make!!gumball flower bouquet

gumball flower

Uh-huh…cute right?
What you’ll need (per flower): 1 plastic balloon stick, 1 clear elastic band or ribbon to match 7 small gumballs 1 large gumball 1 cellophane cut into circle shape (check the gift wrap section of your dollar store for cellophane gift wrap)
For the life of me, I couldn’t keep the smaller gumballs from rolling around when I tried to balance them around the larger gumball in the balloon stick’s cup and wrap with cellophane, still very hard…

Hint…. assemble them upside down… much easier to get everything to stay still…

1. Place the cellophane circle in a small, shallow bowl. Nope, a plate won’t work, gumballs like to roll.
2. Place the large gumball in the center of the cellophane circle, then surround the gumball with the smaller gumballs.
3. Set the balloon stick cup on top, then gather the cellophane around gumballs and secure at base of the balloon stick with your clear elastic band or ribbon.

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