The Skeleton Dance Bones Song – Skeleton Bones Candy – Great for halloween kids activities

“The Skeleton Dance” is a fun action song that teaches toddlers to name different bones in their bodies. Many of us grew up knowing part of this song but we didn’t learn the chorus, which is about a dancing skeleton. Remember “the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone”? That’s this song!

The original title of “The Skeleton Dance” was “Dem Bones” and it was a well-known spiritual song in the late 1800′s. Nowadays it’s a catchy children’s tune, and one that happens to be perfect for Halloween with all that talk of skeletons and bones. 🙂

This version comes from Super Simple Songs, which is a fantastic YouTube resource for children’s music. In addition to teaching the names of different bones, the actions in this song also reinforce directions (right, left, up). The munchkin and I learned “The Skeleton Dance” this afternoon and it’s already becoming a fast favorite.

Another great activity for you is once you get done having fun singing, dancing, is to chow down on these great skeleton bones candy that we have.  What a great halloween gift, treat, and way to incorporate it into any halloween activity that you may have planned.


Order online today at: OR Call us at: 816-531-3107 for all of your candy needs.


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