The History of Candy Corn: A Halloween Candy Favorite

No other candy can match the creamy taste of candy corn, a sweet Halloween favorite for more than a century. Read the history of the Halloween treat, fun candy corn facts, and ways to use the popular candy as decoration rather than just as a low-calorie snack.

Candy Corn’s Sweet History

The Story Behind Candy Corn

Every Halloween countless party-throwers, party-goers, and trick-or-treaters hit the streets to harvest candy corn. The little yellow, orange, and white treat is an icon among the holiday candies and has a legacy that goes back more than a century.

According to oral tradition, George Renninger, a candymaker at the Wunderlee Candy Company in Philadelphia, invented the revolutionary tri-color candy in the 1880s. The Goelitz Confectionery Company brought the candy to the masses at the turn of the 20th century. The company, now called Jelly Belly Candy Co., has the longest history in the industry of making candy corn — although the method has changed, it still uses the original recipe.

Candy corn starts as a mixture of sugar, fondant, corn syrup, vanilla flavor, and marshmallow creme. This mixture is melted into liquid candy, called slurry, and is colored and run through a cornstarch molding process to create each kernel. Wooden trays filled with cornstarch are imprinted with rows of candy corn molds where the layers are individually deposited from bottom to top.

The mixture cools in the tray, which seals the three layers together. The kernels of candy corn are sifted from the trays and polished in large drum pans with edible wax and glaze to create its irresistible, hand-grabbable shine.

Candy corn is such a popular choice that the mellow creme candies are now available year-round in a variety of colors to suit the seasonal holiday:

  • For Thanksgiving, serve Indian corn, which is brown, orange, and white — the brown section is chocolate-flavored.
  • Christmas-inspired Reindeer corn is green, white, and red.
  • Cupid corn is pink, red, and white for Valentine’s Day.
  • For Easter, load up on Bunny corn, which comes in a variety of pastel colors
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Candy Crush Craze – the mobile game that’s deliciously addictive

Candy Crush Saga is the latest mobile game craze, available for Android, iOS, Facebook and online. It’s your average  match-three puzzler, but a variation on the theme that sees gems swapped with  sweets and other tasty treats. It’s deliciously addictive. See Android Advisor.

Hailed as ‘the sweetest game’, Candy Crush Saga invites you to  “join Mr Toffee and Tiffi on an exciting journey through the world of candy”. As  with any game of its genre, you match like sweets in a line of three or more to  gain points and bonuses. In common with that other great gem-puzzler, Bejeweled, the more sweets you match with each  move the more candy bombs you create, points you collect and faster you  progress.

Each level of Candy Crush Saga is slightly different, whether you  have to get rid of all the sweets encased in jelly within a certain number of  moves, achieve a certain point-score within a given amount of time, or drop the  various ingredients for a tasty recipe to the bottom of the grid. It requires a  degree of logic that keeps you entertained through Candy Crush’s more than 100  levels, which encompass various ‘episodes’ such as ‘Lemonade Lake’ and ‘Candy  Factory’.

You’re awarded up to three stars for your performance within each  level, and you can return to any previous level in hope of achieving a perfect  score.

Candy Crush Saga offers you five chances to screw up and, once  you’ve run out of lives, you must either put down the game and wait for your  health to be replenished, or stock up by begging your Facebook friends for more  or forking out real cash. This becomes a problem only when you get reasonably  far into Candy Crush and the difficulty ramps up, at which point the countless  entirely free alternatives start to become attractive.

Various upgrades can be unlocked in the Yeti Shop: the Charm of  Life bosts your extra lives store from five to eight, but costs £11.99; Charm of  Stripes lets you paint stripes (the equivalent of a four-sweet match) on any  candy once per game for £27.99; and Charm of Frozen Time makes time stand still  on time-limited levels, costing £17.49. Playing the game this way can be  expensive but, unless you have a serious sweet-tooth, you needn’t part with any  money. If you’re giving this game to a child to play, you’d be wise to disable  in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Candy Crush Saga 1 Candy Crush Saga 2 Candy Crush Saga 3

What’s really neat about Candy Crush Saga, though, is the ability  to pick it up and continue your game wherever you are and on whatever device you  have to hand. Simply connect via your Facebook account and continue the saga as  you switch from PC to tablet to smartphone. Facebook interaction also enables  you to compete with friends, although in general terms we aren’t keen on any  game that encourages you to spam your social-networking  contacts.

This cross-platform support is partly what makes Candy Crush Saga  so addictive: when your phone runs out of juice you just pick up the tablet, and  when that squeals ‘charge me’ you turn on the PC. That one’s most likely plugged  into the mains and, if it dies, you really should get out more.

However, Candy Crush Saga is also popular with users because it’s  simple enough that anyone can pick it up and get started without instruction  (although help is provided in the form of in-game tutorials and a help guide),  yet sufficiently difficult that you won’t simply breeze through the game in an  hour.

Once you get to level 35 Candy Crush begins charging 69p per  episode. The only way to get around this is to link the game to your Facebook  account and pester your friends.

Candy Crush Saga is an addictive puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play.  The ease with which you can continue your game on multiple devices is a huge  plus point, but the frustration caused when you run out of lives could easily  lead you to look elsewhere for your mobile gaming fix.

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Our Top 5 Baseball Candy Picks For Making Your Baseball Game Experience A Home Run!

We can agree on one thing here at Bitterman Candy: we’re all baseball fans. Ask us to agree on a specific baseball team? No can do. We do all love to munch on snacks and Baseball Candy while watching our favorite teams win (and okay, sometimes lose), so we know a thing or two on what makes great baseball candy. Read on for our top 5 baseball candy picks!

Bitterman Family ConfectionsSunflower Seeds – The salted flavor of sunflower seeds just makes our mouth water, and hey, it beats eating a bag of chips, right? We just love to pick up a handful of sunflower seeds, toss them in our mouth, and enjoy the great taste and crunch away.

Beef Jerky – Beef jerky is a baseball candy staple. The delicious meaty taste whets our appetite, and although we’ll probably eat a whole can by ourselves, this comes with a container of 36 cans, perfect for sharing!

Combos – There’s nothing like a hard pretzel with a delicious filling, making Combos another of our baseball candy favorites! Plus, you can choose from 6 different flavors, and indulge in a bit of variety while you watch the game.

Roasted Peanuts – Peanuts have been a baseball game favorite since the game first started! Roasted Peanuts are a new take on the old favorite, making it quite hard for us to resist eating the entire bag.

Big League Chew Bubble Gum – After all that noshing, you’re going to need some bubble gum to freshen that breath! Our Big League Chew baseball candy comes in three delightful flavors: Original, Grape, and Sour Apple. Enjoy!

Watching a baseball game is so much more fun when snacking on some baseball candy. After all, isn’t a big part of the game enjoying the experience of being there, whether it’s on your couch with family and friends, or actually at the stadium? Enhance it with low price Baseball Candy from Bitterman Confections by visiting us at: OR Call us at: 816-531-3107

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2013 Wedding Trends – Top Wedding Trends

We present the biggest wedding trends for 2013.

Ball Gowns

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: Ball Gowns (Vera Wang Fall 2013)

For several years now, body-hugging silhouettes have reigned supreme in bridal fashion. Fall 2013 collections, however, reversed that notion. Designers such as Reem Acra, Vera Wang (above) and Lazaro sent light and airy ball gowns down the runway, reminding us all that sometimes more is more.


Mint and gold wedding inspiration board, color palette, mood board

Although emerald was announced Pantone’s Color of the Year, a different shade of green has been dominating wedding inspiration. A popular color for household items in the 1940s and 1950s, the vintage trend has certainly brought mint back to the forefront. This refreshing and versatile color pairs well with gold, coral, salmon or yellow.

The Great Gatsby

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: The Great Gatsby | Photo: Misty Miotto Photography


With the fast-approaching movie release and the resurgence in vintage weddings, The Great Gatsby movement has been gaining a lot of momentum. From elaborate headpieces to feather centerpieces to Art Deco venues, wedding details from the 1920s are popping up everywhere.

Laser-Cut Stationery

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: laser-cut stationery

Wedding stationery has been taken to new heights with bespoke laser-cut designs. Precise and elegant, leading industry designers such as Ceci New York have been setting the standard for this intricate art.

Reception Lounges

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: reception lounges


Although the reception lounge was big in 2012, experts predict that it will be even bigger in 2013. Comfortable couches, plush pillows and romantic curtains set the scene for a place where guests can kick up their feet, mingle and relax the night away.

The Top Knot

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: the top knot | Photo: Jonas Peterson

Photo: Jonas Peterson via Once Wed

Brides have been reverting to more sleek and classic styles, and the sophisticated knot has been at the top of the list (pun intended). In fact, our Fall/Winter 2012 cover bride, Bella, sported this no-fuss hairstyle on her special day.

Statement Cakes

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: statement cakes | Left: Sweet Dispositions Cakes; Right:


Wedding cakes are getting brighter and bolder, and designs are ever-evolving. Whether they’re hand-painted, composed entirely of ruffles or completely naked, cakes in 2013 will be making a statement.


Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: garlands | Photo: Jen Huang


Event designers have found practically every use for garlands: chair decor, table runners, backdrops, headpieces, cake toppers and more. Their versatility and universal appeal ensures that we will be seeing more of them this coming year.

Dapper Grooms

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: dapper grooms | Photo: onelove photography


Rivaling their brides in the style department, grooms have been departing from the usual black tux. From bespoke suits to plaid shirts to vibrant bowties, 2013 will certainly be a stylish wedding year.

Mini Food

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013: mini food

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

Bite-sized food allows brides and grooms to incorporate different styles and flavors into their wedding menu. This trend gathered steam toward the end of 2012, and it’ll only get bigger (or more miniature?) in 2013.

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Vintage of the Week: 3.29.13 Exploring a World of Great Vintage

These vintage items put together carry a strong life message. They can be found at Bitterman’s Eye Candy. Open Thurs-Sun 11am-4pm


When Exploring all the world has to offer…globe trotter


Take a step back and smell the flowers,smelling the flowers


Taste the best food,cake


And always drink good coffee.good coffee


With the Holiday Weekend upon us, take a step back and enjoy the little things. From all of us here at Bitterman’s Happy Easter.


Sweet of the Week: 3.21.13 Our Sweet Guests!

Today we had a lovely group visit our store. We had tons of fun! Pat gave the kids a mini quiz and offered samples of the coolest far out nostalgia candies around! It was just too sweet not to post! Check out these photos of the good time!

The Group:Image

Trying out some super sour candies! Image



Showing off the goods:Image

Vintage finds:ImageImage

Luck of the Irish! They found the coins:Image

Finally, with Mr. Peanut:Image

We really enjoyed having you all! Perfect Springbreak activity!

Come in this weekend and check us out! open 11-4pm Thurs- Sun

Sweet of the Week: 3.14.13 Treasure at the End of the Rainbow

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special holiday for many families. Many can trace back their ancestry to Irish roots. It’s a day to celebrate all that is beautiful about Ireland and the great St. Patrick. Whether you head to the local parade or have a family dinner of corn beef and cabbage, one thing that can’t be argued is St. Paddy’s is a wonderful celebration of Heritage  good company, and great weather. Here at Bitterman’s Eye Candy we wanted to have a little celebration ourselves. All around the store are scattered little luck of the Irish slips, when found we encourage you to claim your lovely prize. Bring the kids in and have a little fun with it! We will also be open on Saint Pat’s to make sure to come in after the parade for all your green needs!



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Sweet of the Week: 3.7.13 Easter Egg Nests

Everyone loves these Easter treats! Mini Malt Eggs are always a springtime hit. Easter is right around the corner (24 days away!), so today we are featuring a lovely recipe from Farm Fabulosity! Be sure to stop by Bitterman’s Eye Candy to fill up your Easter Baskets – open 11-4, Thursday – Sunday.


Easter Egg Nests

1 bag of mini marshmallows

1 stick of butter

1 bag of chow mein noodles

8 oz   Mini Malted Eggs 


Melt butter and Mini Marshmallows together in a bowl and mix in chow mein

Form nest shaped groupings on parchment paper covered cookie sheets and put 3 mini eggs in the middle!

Refrigerate and let set. Enjoy!


Sweet of the Week: 2.28.13 Sugar Rush Recap

Thank you so much to The Pitch and it’s wonderful staff for a glorious Sugar Rush event!  It was a night full of fun, sweet treats, and great people. In only it’s second year, Sugar Rush nearly doubled in number of guests! Sugar Rush was held at The Guild KC  (which could arguably be the coolest new event space in Kansas City…) and hosted over 17 sweet vendors from all over the KC metro, who gathered to show off their creme de le creme! Big thanks to everyone who participated to make this a great event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters!


Cate setting up prior to the event:

cate sugar rush pre event

Peachrings, Gummi Bears, Lemon Drops, Milk Chocolate Jordan Almonds, and Saltwater Taffy. AKA heaven!

peachThe spread!

sugarrushspreadVery Glamorous



You can find all these candies and more at Bitterman Candy!


Sweet of the Week: 2.14.13 A Valentine’s Feast Fit For Two

This valentine’s day we advise to stay home for dinner and indulge a bit.



We’re having herb crusted steak, (almond butter crunch) frog legs, (rainforest frog) baby roasted potatoes, (truffle almonds) peas and carrots, (jelly belly) berry salad, haribo fruit salad, and a tall glass of rootbeer barrels to drink.

Find it all at