When do sour gummy worms melt?

Since it is supposed to be in the mid to uppder 90’s all week, we thought we put to test on when do sour gummy worms melt?

We all know chocolate can melt quickly and is something that will be able to dissolve rather fast.  But what about other candy? What about Sour Gummy Worms?

We put this hypothesis to the test here at the Bitterman Family Confections Lab and came up with a conclusion.  Sour gummy worms melt when they are placed near areas of high heat. Yes, they would melt fully over the stove (with the coating sugar completely melting) but they can also melt when they are placed in sunlight- e.g if you leave them in the car- the worms start to melt and stick/connect to one another, although when this happens the sugar coat doesn’t dissolve.

Your worms would not necessarily be ruined and are still editable if you accidentally did place them in your car for a longer period of time; it would still be editable.  You would just be eating multiples of sour gummy worms because they are stuck together.  So word to the wise, keep your sour gummy worms at room temp to fully enjoy and have that puckering cheek feel.

Let us know what other things you would like us to put to the test.

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