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Vintage of the Week 1.25.13

When you think Vintage, great art may not be the first thing to come to your mind. These are three pieces from the store that ooze beauty, each in their own way.

Find your love something sweet or retro this Valentine’s Day. We will be open Tuesday, Feb. 12th and Wednesday, Feb. 13th 11am to 4pm. Special hours to meet all your needs!

Normal hours: Thurs- Fri 11am to 6pm Sat- Sun 11am to 4pm


Vintage of the Week 1.18.13


This would be perfect to hold all of your favorite jewelry! Every cup is from our very own Stuart Bitterman’s collection.

Vintage of the Week 1.11.13

Have you ever wondered how you could spice up a boring wine bottle? Us too. Our repurposing project this week was turning a beautiful bordeaux bottle circa 1800 into a more spectacular vase. It was simple: we grabbed a cute nautical ribbon and a beautiful vintage brooch and went to work. For finishing touches we threw a peacock feather and a repurposed tea towel flower in. Enjoy!


Vintage of the week 1/3/13

This week’s post is all about finding the beauty in the old. These are just a few vintage items from our Eye Candy store. We hope you gain inspiration just as we did.

IMG_0325Milk jars that have been turned into lovely vases.

IMG_0331 copy

An old faucet repurposed into a home for birds


Milk Tops used as magnets

IMG_0329Frames and buttons once unusable transformed into cute chalkboards


A once boring chair is now full of conversation.


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